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July 16, 2017

Habakkuk 3

Pastor Joy


Habakkuk says, when the worst comes, I’m going to rejoice anyway.  How can I thank God when things are bad?  How can I rejoice when I’m suffering?  The key is this:
We thank God for who he is, not just what he does.  And we praise God for what he has done, not just what he’s doing right now. And we can only do that, if we trust him.  Habakkuk basically says, “I will rejoice because of who God is and what he’s already done.  In fact, if he never showed up again and he never did another thing for me, I still have enough to sing about for the rest of my days.”
Question: Is that true for you?  Could you praise God, if he never gave you any more benefits, then he’s already given you?  You can if you understand God’s goal for us.  God’s goal for all of his children is a close relationship with him.  God’s goal is for us to be close to him.  If your goal is to be close to God, then you can praise him in all circumstances because no matter what happens, it can actually draw you closer to him.

What Habakkuk is saying is, when problems and conflicts and suffering pile up as high as a mountain in front of me, when circumstances are hard, when darkness seems to cover my life, when sorrow and pain and sickness pile up in front of me like a mountain…That’s when God makes my feet like those of a mountain deer, or a mountain goat, so I can walk with confidence right over the top of that mountain. I can keep right on going no matter what comes, because the Sovereign Lord is my strength.  So I will rejoice no matter what comes, I’ll worship God no matter what I see, I’ll be joyful in God my savior, because I trust Him no matter what.

What made the difference between Habakkuk’s complaint in 1:2, “How long, O Lord?” and his confidence in 3:19, “The sovereign Lord is my strength”? He recognized that God is in control. The circumstances didn’t change, but Habakkuk did.  When his fear and faith collided, he chose faith; he made a decision to be on God’s team; he moved from worry to worship.


Joy M. Lujan
Co-heir with Christ, Wife, Moma, Nana



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