Unstoppable Gospel!

Acts 12 – There is no stopping the Gospel!



The Nations = The Gentiles

We see the Holy Spirit at work in the lives of ordinary people, people who listen to and obey his voice.  We see that we can each be a part of what God is doing in the world.  We are the continuation of the Acts of the Apostles!  WE ARE THE CHURCH!


Time to Re-Zone!

Pastor Joy challenged us this week to re-zone – to acknowledge our comfort zones and then stretch them!  Acts 10 is Peter’s re-zoning and aren’t we grateful?!  His re-zoning opened the floodgates to gentiles; which are (likely) 99.9% of the people who come to this site!


“God said, ‘Go!'”

Special guest, Melynda Lujan, preached this week.  Due to technical difficulties, the message is in three videos with small sections missing.  It is still worth listening, too, though!  Thank you for grace as we work through these issues that seem to only appear when we are mid service.



Getting Stoned Changed the Church

The death of Stephen lit a fire.  Getting stoned changed the church!  It lit a fire in the hearts of the Jewish leaders who under the leadership of one of their members, Saul, began a terrific persecution of the Church.

It also lit a fire in the hearts of the believers.  They were scattered from Jerusalem and preached the word wherever they went.  When Stephen was stoned, the church changed!